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Campeones Cup

Atlanta, GA - It’s more than one night, it’s more than one game, it’s more than one trophy. Club America and Atlanta United understand that winning Campeones Cup gives them the chance to write their names in the history books - not only as clubs but for the individual careers of those involved.

If Las Aguilas lift the trophy on Wednesday, Miguel Herrera will become the most decorated head coach in club history. Publicly, at least, he's focused on his player's achievements.

Campeones Cup Game Guide

“I’m interested in helping the guys to play well, I want them to lift trophies and be by their side. If that brings something to me, I'll take it”, Herrera said during Tuesday's pre-match press conference.

It's a sentiment shared by Frank de Boer when speaking about the possibility of winning the first international silverware for Atlanta United. “That is my goal here”, the Dutchman said.

“We found our sensations as a group, we know there is a lot of room to grow but at the end, the most important thing is to win titles."

After a rough start to the season, winning Campeones Cup would be a massive achievement for Atlanta's coaching staff.

“I always have said that a process needs time”, De Boer added. “It’s a trophy (Campeones Cup), we want it, I want it, and I feel inside the group that they really want to go for it."

Among the players, there's a sense respect as well as obligation for the Azulcremas, while their MLS counterparts are brimming with confidence.

“We are Club America and we go out there to win every game and every final we play," Giovanni dos Santos, until recently a member of the LA Galaxy, said.

“The teams (América and Atlanta United) love to go forward, they had great seasons and won the right to be here. I expect a hard, well-played and dynamic game”, Gio explained.

On the other hand, the Five Stripes have faith in their work and their recent turnaround in form that has them back among the leaders in the MLS Eastern Conference.

“They [America] are a great opponent, with a lot of history. But we have a team with a winning mentality," Franco Escobar, the Argentine full back who scored in last year's MLS final, said.

"We will do everything in our power to lift this trophy and keep it here at home."

Club America understands they have the responsibility, Atlanta United bring the confidence and desire. Now it's time to settle things in one night.

Campeones Cup will be the chance for one of these clubs to make history.